A Beginner’s Guide to Cat Care : 8 Simple Tips for Cat Owners

two cute kitten

You are here that probably means you have welcomed a furry ball of joy in your life or you are on the track to do it – whichever of this is true – sounds absolutely purrfect to us because this little blog is exactly what you need.
We have a few points that would definitely help you to take care of your cute adorable feline friends.

Provide a cozy cat spot

Cats love their personal space, so make sure you create one for them. They simply love tiny spaces where they can nestle in. A cat bed sounds a purrfect idea but creating a DIY home for your cat with a simple cardboard box is a great idea as well. Cover it with a warm blanket inside out and here you are! Taaa-Daaa!

Yummy nutritious food

For your feline friend’s health and energy, you definitely need to provide them with a good diet. Good quality cat food, meat etc. from which they get their purrfect nutrition is an essential need, you can also observe what foods they are enjoying more and try to combine those with others. You can consult your vet on the same. Also fresh water is another important point when it comes to your meow’s diet.

It’s playtime

Cats love to play, their energy levels are unmatchable, this also keeps them happy and energetic. Cat toys are in fashion nowadays. You will find tons of toys in every pet shop or on online websites. But make sure you buy just the right amount of things. Also, it is not just about buying things and bombarding them with it, at times a simple paper bag can be their favourite toy. Or you can get a colorful feather wand and play along. They love when their hooman joins their game.

Regular vet check-ups

Regularly and timely vet visits are very important for your cat’s health. Vaccination is a crucial part and it helps boost your cat health. It also helps in fighting viruses and other infections that the cats may attract. Your cat’s long and healthy life is your responsibility.


Brushing your cat’s fur and keeping it clean, shiny and soft is another necessity. They also enjoy the sensation of their favorite hooman brushing them.

Litter Box Etiquette

Cats are clean creatures, they love staying tidy and cleanliness all around. Hence keeping their litter box clean is a must. Also regular scooping is important.

Love for scratching

Cats love to scratch, they simply can’t hold the urge to scratch at random things. Scratch boards can be very helpful, you can place them randomly at their favorite spots. This might also save your furniture!

Cat Me-Time

Cats have their own me and meow time. So if your cat needs its me-time and snuggles into a quiet corner of your house then it is recommended to respect their paw-rsonal space and not to disturb them. Trust me, they will soon be done with their me-time and will be back with their meow-time.

Remember cat parenting is a challenging journey but you will enjoy every phase of it. Each cat is unique and they have their own style of loving you. So my fellow cat pawrents welcome to this wonderful trip. Keep loving your meows!

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