9 useful tips to plan your next Rann of Kutch trip!!!

Hello fellow travelers!!! Hope you all are exploring and travelling to scenic exotic locations!!!

So we have got one such place for you today – Rann of Kutch which is located in Gujarat, India. Here we share some beautiful tips for your trip planning –

Try to travel to the nearest airport/railway station to Kutch which is in Bhuj (approximately 70 kms)

People often travel to other cities like Ahmedabad, Vadodara etc. and then travel to Kutch from there but we would recommend travelling to Bhuj as it is the closest one and very well connected to other cities like Mumbai, Delhi etc. by air. When it comes to railways, connectivity to Mumbai is great.
These links might help you check the schedule at Bhuj railway station/airport –

Book a resort in Kutch with pickup and drop to the Bhuj station/airport

First of all it is preferable to book a resort near the White Rann for the ease of travelling. When you book a resort near the White Rann, do check with their pickup and drop schedule. Few resorts near the White Rann provide the facility for pick and drop to and from the Bhuj station/airport which is very hassle-free. Also experience the stays in tents and traditional Kutchi bhungas when here.

Definitely carry some cash

If you are going to travel in and around Kutch, do keep some cash with you. Yes definitely there are some shops and vendors that accept digital payments via UPI but mostly cash is widely accepted here. Hence it is good to have some cash handy.

Pack some warm clothes

As we know Rann Utsav starts from November to February which are really cold months in India, especially during nights and early mornings so do consider carrying some warm clothes. Also, during daytime make sure that you carry sunglasses, sunscreens etc. to beat the heat.

Check the sunset and sunrise timings beforehand

As most of the tourists visit the beautiful Rann to witness sunset or sunrise, do check the sunrise and sunset timings on the day of visit. It would be easier for you to travel considering the crowd and traffic during these peak times. Plan to travel before time to witness these mesmerizing events.

Wear comfortable and covered footwear

In the white Rann, the salt and mud can easily stick to your feet as well as your footwear. So its better to wear covered footwear like shoes, also as you will be exploring the white Rann on foot, it is advisable to wear comfortable footwear.

Keep yourself hydrated

Even though Kutch is cold at night, during the day the temperature is really high even in winters. Hence it is important that you drink a good amount of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Support the locals

It is important to support local businesses wherever we travel. So be it camel or horse rides near the Rann or other local shopping like handicrafts, bags, Kutchi traditional wear etc. do contribute whatever you can to the locals in your own way.

Explore other sightseeing places in Kutch

When in Kutch, there are a lot of other sightseeing places like Dholavira, Kalo Dungar etc. Do visit these places as well to complete your Kutch trip. Also there are a few sightseeing places in Bhuj like Swaminarayan temple, Prag Mahal etc.


So guys these are 9 quick tips that we have to help you plan your next Kutch trip. Do let us know your comments on these. We would love to hear back from you. Till then, keep travelling, keep exploring and keep following us for new blogs. And yes remember – Kutch nahi dekha toh kuch nahi dekha!!!

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