Empower Your Look : The Ultimate 6 Must-Have Lipstick Colors for Every Woman’s Makeup Kit

“I don’t need a lipstick” said no woman ever… yeah that’s right because this is one of those essentials that all women need.
Today we have got the list of a few lipstick colors that are a must have for all women –

The hot Red Lipstick:

Red depicts hotness and confidence. So this is a must have for women from all classes. Be it a party, any conference or any other event, red is always a go. Red is an aura of authority. You will easily find multiple shades in red. Red is hence the most popular and widely used color.


Pretty as Pink:

Pink has always been the favorite one when it comes to lipsticks. Be it college girls or working women, pink is preferred by everyone. It gives a lovely look to the face and its a must have for every woman.



Nude’s simplicity:

A nude lipstick is the most professional one. It goes with every thing, be it formals or traditional wear. It has become a style statement recently as many celebrities wear this one. A nude lipstick is an essential one for many.



Magnificent Magenta:

Magenta looks bright and is the best one if you are just starting to use bright and dark colors. Its a comfortable yet a picture perfect color and helps you with some amazing photographs. Hence this is a favorite of many ladies.


All about Brown:

Brown’s a beautiful color and gives you a classy look. It is beautiful in its own way. Many women who don’t wear lipsticks just prefer this one color on special occasions. Moreover this blends with every skin color.


So these are must have lipstick colors for every woman according to us. We have also shared few links for online buying your favorite lip colors. But do let us know if there are any other must haves for women. As always we love to hear from you. Keep loving yourself!!!

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