Discover the truth : Does chicken or mutton masala actually contain non-veg? Can a vegetarian use meat masala while cooking?

Chicken masala Indian masala market

When it comes to Indian cooking, the use of rich and aromatic spices is almost a sacred ritual. Masalas, the blend of these spices, are the heart of many Indian dishes, infusing them with flavor and character. Among these, chicken masala and mutton masala are popular choices, especially for non-vegetarian cuisine. But, here’s a twist … Read more

Book Review : ‘The Family Remains’ by Lisa Jewell – A Thrilling Sequel Explored – The Family Upstairs #2

The family remains List Jewels

Hello again!!! As promised we have got you the book review of the book called – The Family Remains written by author Lisa Jewell. This is a sequel to her famous previous book – ‘The Family Upstairs’. We already reviewed that one in our blog –, do check it if not already done yet. … Read more

Shoe Rack Bliss: 7 Tips to Your Ultimate Organization Guide!

Shoe Rack

Tired of tripping over your shoes? Walk into a world of neatness with our “Ultimate Shoe Rack Guide!” Your organized haven awaits! Delving into the psychology of order reveals that a cluttered space begets a cluttered mind. The mental weight of disarray can impede focus and productivity. The Ultimate Shoe Rack Guide promises not just … Read more

Reel it In: Instagram Unveils Download Feature for Public Posts!

Downloading Reels on Instagram: Who Can Do It? For public accounts, anyone on Instagram can download and share your Reels unless you adjust your settings. By default, downloading is turned off for users under 18 with public accounts, but they can choose to enable it. On the flip side, private accounts offer more privacy. Unless … Read more