7 best color combinations for men styling!!!

When it comes to men fashion, it becomes very much minimalistic. But as simple as it is we have got you 7 perfect color combinations to try and trust us they will do wonders.

The very obvious black color

When it comes to men fashion, black is the most common color. Be it a young boy or an age old person, men love wearing black and you will hardly find any person who doesn’t own black color. So here we pick the most common black color with a slightly uncommon beige color. Pair a black shirt with beige trousers and it looks as the perfect combo for any occasion.

Pair a black shirt with beige trousers and it looks as the perfect combo for any occasion.

As cool as blue

Blue color is another favorite when it comes to men styling. Different types of blue as in light blue, faded blue, ink blue has been everyone’s favorite. You can pair up a black or dark colored t-shirt with pair of light/faded blue jeans. White shirt with dark blue cargo shorts is another option of informal wear.

Model wearing dark coloed t-shirt with faded jeans.

Freshly tinted green

Green color has been trending for the last few years; we simply love this latest fashion for men. There is no longer a limit when it comes to men choosing colors. Pastel green or olive green are very common nowadays. Pairing up a formal olive green shirt with a light colored jeans is so trendy. Pastel green t-shirts or kurtas with dark colored jeans/bottoms also look smart.

Pastel green t-shirts or kurtas with dark colored jeans/bottoms also look smart.

Newly welcomed lavender

When it comes to men fashion there has hardly been any experiments, but of late there are multiple changes to this and inclusion of lavender color is one of them. This new age fashion for men is just so stylish. Pairing a lavender t-shirt with any black or blue jeans looks so cool. Also why have the blazers been black, blue or brown always, there is a new trend with lavender colored blazers in the wardrobe.

 lavender colored blazers

Pearl white

White is the color that never goes out of fashion. Be it informal t-shirts, formal shirts or any other fashion wear, white has to be the savior. Imagine packing for last minute vacation, white t-shirt is something that you can quickly grab. Getting late for a last minute presentation, a perfectly ironed white formal shirt is your go to piece of clothing. White can be paired with anything, any dark colored trouser or a simple light colored faded jeans.

Model wearing white colour shirt and black pant

Perfect brown

When it comes to an alternative to black, everyone remembers brown. Yes, this may not be the number one choice but again this color is most commonly worn when it comes to men fashion. Pairing up a brown trouser with a white shirt looks so elegant. Similarly if you have a coffee brown t-shirt you can pair it up with any colored jeans. Another favorite is the brown colored shorts with a simple white t-shirt. All of these look so elegant.

Model wearing brown coloured shorts with white t-shirt

Hot Maroon

Maroon color is our last color in this list. This one looks so classy when paired up with something black or white. Be it a simple maroon t-shirt with black jeans for your regular office wear or maroon shorts with a simple white t-shirt for your vacation, all of these combinations look very simple yet fashionable.


Styling for men looks very simple but as neatly as you do it, it looks more & more elegant. So here we got you 7 combos for men styles but if you do believe you can suggest more, do write us in the comments section. Also do not forget to drop likes and hearts if this piece of styling was helpful to you. Till then, keep styling and keep dressing well!!! Cheers!!!

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