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Watch 1 Of The Best Attacks On Illegal Immigration Ever. It Came From Dianne Feinstein 25 Years Ago



2018…the dnc shows how it is all about politica


  • For the DNC it is all about politica


Hypocrisy seems to be the main Democratic platform these days. On issues like immigration and border security, it would be one thing if the left had a consistent message. They still might be wrong, but at least you could give them credit for steadfastly believing in their principles.

Instead, the opposite is true. Far from having a consistent stance on immigration, the very same Democrats who are now cheering for open borders and pretending that illegal immigration isn’t a crisis had a very, very different message not so long ago.

Here’s a perfect example. In a video that goes back to 1994, none other than Dianne Feinstein – yes, the Democratic senator who is now implying that enforcing the border is racist – spoke out about the issue, and sounded downright Trump-like.

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