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Americans Killed In Syria Attack Identified

Authorities have identified 3 of the 4 Americans killed in a suicide bombing earlier this week in northern Syria.
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Islamic State Claims Syria Attack Targeting American Troops

The attack comes as President Donald Trump has stated he wants to pull troops out of the region, CBS News reported.

US Service Members Killed In ISIS-Claimed Attack In Syria

Four American soldiers were among 16 people killed and more than a dozen wounded when a suicide bomber attacked US-led coalition forces in the northern
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American Troops Killed In Bomb Blast In Northern Syria

The attack, which was claimed by the Islamic State, came as President Trump is pushing to withdraw American troops from Syria.
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Border Wall Would Do Nothing To Stop Terrorism. And There Is No National Emergency.

The Trump administration is framing the necessity of a southern border wall, in part, as responding to a national security emergency involving terrorists. This is
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American Who Sent Resume To ISIS Captured

The recent capture of five ISIS fighters included two Americans who had joined the terrorist organization - including one who joined in a shockingly conventional
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Opinion | What Trump’s Syria Decision Means On The Front Lines Of The Fight Against The Islamic State

A Kurdish commander says the sudden U.S. pullout 'was something we never expected.'