Watch: Emmanuel Sanders Discusses Antonio Brown Situation

Steelers owner Art Rooney II said it’s “Hard to envision” Antonio Brown on Pittsburgh’s roster in 2019. 

Broncos wide receiver and former Steeler Emmanuel Sanders commented on Antonio Brown's feud with the organization on Saturday, saying there's "plenty of blame to go around," during an appearance on the NFL Network.

Brown has been at odds with teammates and Pittsburgh's brass since he sat out the Steelers' Week 17 matchup with the Bengals due to a dispute with Ben Roethlisberger. Pittsburgh owner Art Rooney II said the organization won't release Brown during the offseason, but "all other options are on the table."

Sanders said Brown was "100% wrong" for sitting out Week 17. But the current Broncos wideout didn't absolve Roethlisberger from responsibility. Sanders called out Roethlisberger for criticizing Brown during radio appearances during the season as well as other Steelers wideouts.

"This is the leader of the team and you're going to throw somebody under the bus when you could've handled that interview totally different," Sanders said on the NFL Network. "You didn't even have to throw Antonio Brown's name in that or even say he had to do that. You literally took pressure off of you and put that whole situation on Antonio Brown. I bet Antonio Brown is frustrated by that."