Why Are People Going Crazy Over Butter In Coffee?

People are putting butter in coffee and it’s health benefits are taking the world by storm.

Hot Yoga, Cross-fit, and keto diets all have something in common: If you have a friend that indulges in one of these hobbies, they are sure to let you know about it and the "health benefits they hold."

A few months ago I was piled with information from a friend about how "butter coffee" is changing their life. To say the least... I was skeptical.

You see, I'm a coffee SNOB, and if it's not made right, you will be SURE to know about it (sorry to any barista at Starbucks who has served me). This whole butter and coffee thing to me at first seemed like a deadly sin to the world of the honorable hot bean water Gods, surely this can't be a thing... oh was I wrong.

As the old saying goes, don't bash it till' you try it, and being the coffee addict that I am, I figured it would be an easier habit to adopt rather than sweating my butt off in a hot room or from doing a million burpee's a day (it's a cross-fit thing I guess?). So after a little research I went to the store and got some Grass-fed butter and some high-quality coconut oil intending to try it for a few days but now... I can't stop and coffee will never be the same. The recipe is simple: BLEND (do not stir it in... trust me) one or two teaspoons of butter with an equal measurement of high-quality coconut oil in your cup of hot coffee and enjoy!