UFO Alert As Putin Drafts In Army After Siberian Mountain ‘Collapses’

VLADIMIR Putin has drafted in soldiers to investigate a “collapsed mountain” in a remote region of Siberia amid suggestions it may have been caused by a UFO crash-landing.

Whatever the cause, the event resulted in a massive rockfall which has blocked the nearby Bureya river, and left several villages at risk of flooding. So much rock was shifted it would fill 13,600 Olympic-sized swimming pools, say experts. Meanwhile, the falling 34 million cubic metres of debris left a gash in a mountain which could swallow up all the water used if every American showered at the same time.

The Russian army has been dispatched to the scene to try and find out what caused the catastrophic event and move a 525ft-high mound of rock, which has substantially blocked the Bureya, with village in the Khabarovsk and Amur regions at risk of flooding.

The military has being tasked with “moving the mountain”, using explosives and equipment to allow the water to flow again.

But experts have warned nearby rock is fractured and a second gargantuan landslide is not ruled out.