NASA Alien ADMISSION: Space Agency Reveals ‘We Can’t Hide Them’ In Bombshell Video

NASA’s Assistant Director of Communications admitted they “cannot hide” aliens from the general public during a frank interview.

Conspiracy theorists have long believed NASA is involved in a cover-up surrounding alien activity due to the number of UFO sightings worldwide that go unexplained. In 2017, leaked records showed the Pentagon ran a secret $22million (£17million) extra-terrestrial “black project” after reports of an aircraft moving at “very high velocities that hovered with no apparent means of lift”. However, NASA’s Assistant Director Michelle Thaller insists the space agency knows nothing more about extra-terrestrial life than what it has shared with the public.

She revealed there is no way alien life could be covered-up and it would be obvious if there was ever a threat to Earth.

Dr Thaller told BigThink: “The day you see all the NASA scientists max out their credit cards and disappear, that is when you should worry.

“We are just people and if we knew something, there is no way to hide it.