END OF THE WORLD: Blood Moon Over America Is A Sign Of Jesus Christ’s RETURN

A BLOOD Moon eclipse over the United States’ capital this month is a “significant” and ‘biblical” harbinger of Jesus Christ’s hasty return to Earth, a Christian preacher has astonishingly claimed.

Pastor Paul Begley, an evangelical preacher from West Lafayette in Indiana, has warned America to brace itself for the Blood Moon. The Blood Moon eclipse will peak over the US between the nights of January 20 and January 21, passing over Washington DC. The preacher said: “Something biblical is going on with the signs of the Second Coming of Christ.” Pastor Begley labelled the Blood Moon an incredibly spiritual phenomenon and fulfilment of prophecy.

According to the firebrand preacher, it is ironic the Blood Moon arrives on the second anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration to office.

But the most bizarre coincidence, the preacher said, is President Trump was born on a Blood Moon on June 14, 1946 – exactly 700 days before Israel was declared a nation.