How Activists Waged A Successful Campaign To Save Snowball’s Unborn Puppies, Even Though LA Shelter Policy Still Stands

The poodle-Bichon mix was set for spaying Thursday, but the operation was called off. LA Animal Services commissioners will consider this month whether to change the city policy.

Snowball’s eyes seem entirely too large for her fluffy white face. And, if you look closely at her photo on the Los Angeles Animal Services’ website, her belly seems too large for her fluffy white body as well.

This damsel-in-distress was in a family way when she arrived at the South Los Angeles Animal Care and Control Center on Jan. 5 and was assigned Animal ID No. A1832899. Snowball appears to be a poodle-Bichon mix, weighing 19 pounds, including those four or so gestating pups. She is about 7 years old and has dental disease to boot.

Her plight was discovered by activists who devotedly scour Southern California animal shelter websites, ready and eager to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the animals who land there. Several volunteers contacted the shelter, offering to “pull” Snowball, as the rescue lingo goes.

But Snowball could not be released until she was spayed, they were told. All animals must be spayed or neutered before they’re released from the shelter, they were told. And so Snowball’s operation was slated for Thursday, Jan. 10, they were told.