R Kelly: French Band Phoenix Apologise For Working With R&B Singer After Sexual Abuse Allegations

Patrons of the Chicago nightclub were seen singing and dancing during the R&B singer’s performance.

R. Kelly is stepping out following allegations of sexual abuse by multiple women.

The R&B singer was spotted at V75 -- a Chicago, Illinois, nightclub -- on Wednesday where he performed several of his songs to a packed room. The club appearance follows the release of Surviving R. Kelly, a six-part Lifetime documentary series that alleges that he has kept women against their will in both Chicago and Atlanta, Georgia. Kelly has denied the allegations and reportedly threatened to sue Lifetime before the series went to air.

A concert-goer tells ET, “R. Kelly was there for his birthday and the club was packed. More packed than usual. Everyone was having a good time, drama aside. [People] still have love for R. Kelly.”

In one clip from the night, Kelly -- wearing a fur coat, backwards red baseball cap, and dark sunglasses -- is seen performing a song to what appears to be excited fans as they sing along and film the moment with their phones.