Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019: What Does The Bible Say About The Mysterious Blood Moon?

THE January Blood Moon eclipse is a powerful prophetic sign of catastrophic events about to descend on America, a Christian preacher has shockingly claimed.

The January 21 total lunar eclipse, sometimes dubbed a Blood Moon, will precede a cataclysm of “biblical proportions”. Evangelical pastor Paul Begley from West Lafayette, Indiana, fears the Blood Moon’s prophetic significance is a warning sign for the US. The doomsday preacher firmly believes the Blood Moon was foretold by the Bible and “dangerous times” are about to come. The Blood Moon will peak over the western half of the globe between the night of Sunday, January 20, and the morning Monday, January 21.

Coincidentally, January 20 falls on the second anniversary of US President Donald Trump being sworn into office.

President Trump also happens to have been born on June 14, 1946 – the night of a Blood Moon eclipse 72 years ago.

Paired together with the Blood Moon peaking over North and South America, pastor Begley fears danger lurks on the horizon for the US.