Mathematicians Discovered A Computer Problem That No One Can Ever Solve

Researchers working on machine learning have discovered a problem that no one, anywhere in the universe, will ever be able to solve.

Mathematicians Discovered a Computer Problem that No One Can Ever Solve

Mathematicians have discovered a problem they cannot solve. It's not that they're not smart enough; there simply is no answer.

The problem has to do with machine learning — the type of artificial-intelligence models some computers use to "learn" how to do a specific task.

When Facebook or Google recognizes a photo of you and suggests that you tag yourself, it's using machine learning. When a self-driving car navigates a busy intersection, that's machine learning in action. Neuroscientists use machine learning to "read" someone’s thoughts. The thing about machine learning is that it's based on math. And as a result, mathematicians can study it and understand it on a theoretical level. They can write proofs about how machine learning works that are absolute and apply them in every case. [Photos: Large Numbers That Define the Universe]