China Releases Panoramic View Of The Moon’s Far Side

The China National Space Administration has released a high-resolution wraparound image of the moon’s far side taken by the Chang’e 4 spacecraft.

China recently landed the first space mission on the far side of the moon. The mission, called Chang'e 4, was sent to probe the moon's geology, seek out water, study the night sky, and even grow silkworms on the lunar surface. The mission's landing spacecraft and Yutu 2 rover recently woke up from a " noon nap," which protected them from searing-hot temperatures. The lander took a 360-degree picture of the landing site after waking up on Friday.

China has released a detailed panoramic image taken by the first spacecraft to land on the half of the moon we can't see from Earth.

The mission, called Chang'e 4, touched down on the moon's far side ("dark side" is a misnomer) on January 3. The car-size lander and a desk-size rover it deployed, called Yutu 2, are designed to probe the region over the next six months.

Shortly after the lander and the rover began their work, however, the China National Space Administration put them into a planned three-day "noon nap," as Space News reported. This helped them survive the equivalent of high noon on the moon, when lunar surface temperatures can exceed a scorching 240 degrees Fahrenheit and risk overheating and damaging the spacecraft.