Maggots Will Soon Be Sent To War Zones To Heal The Injured

People injured in war zones may soon get medical treatment from hungry, slimy maggots.

Maggots Will Soon Be Sent to War Zones to Heal the Injured

Maggots can be creepy, crawly and … medicinal? In a new effort to heal wounded people in war zones, the U.K. government is sending maggots to places like Syria, Yemen and South Sudan, according to The Telegraph.

Once these larvae — often those of green bottle blowflies — are connected with patients, they get right to work, keeping wounds contamination-free by gulping down dead human tissue and spreading their antibacterial saliva.

This macabre treatment may sound unusual, but it's actually a remedy that dates back to ancient times. For instance, the Australian Aboriginal peoples used maggots to clean wounds. And during World War I, soldiers in trenches also used the critters. [Coffee to Maggots: Top 10 Bad Things That Are Good For You]