Celebrity Social Media Round-Up For January 10, 2019

A viral social media message warned users in the U.K. about driving on the M1 and M25.

Image via Shutterstock

In January 2019, a social media message was spread widely, particularly among users in the U.K., alerting motorists that speed limit cameras on two major English motorways were to be simultaneously activated, en masse, with their limits set to exactly 72 MPH: “All cameras on M1 and M25 go live at midnight tonight, set at 72mph. Auto ticket generating system with 6 point penalty. Watch your speed and tell everyone else tonight, any speed over 90mph is instant ban & possible court & custodial sentence order!! Drive safely.”

The “warning” was also prominently shared by well-known former professional soccer player Frank Sinclair (who later deleted his tweet) and many others on both Facebook and Twitter.