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A Startup Is Developing A 100-gigawatt Laser To Propel A Probe To Another Star System. That May Be Powerful Enough To ‘ignite An Entire City.’

Breakthrough Starshot wants to use lasers to propel probes to Alpha Centauri. But chief engineer Peter Klupar said they "could ignite an entire city."
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Anti-election Meddling Group Makes A.I.-powered Trump Impersonator To Warn About ‘deepfakes’

"Deepfakes" began with celebrities' faces getting inserted into porn videos. Now the nascent phenomenon could be a threat to democracy, according to experts.
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‘Cosmos’ Host Neil DeGrasse Tyson To Be Investigated By Fox, Nat Geo & Producers After New Sexual Misconduct Allegations

EXCLUSIVE: Famous astrophysicist/TV personality Neil deGrasse Tyson has come under scrutiny as two more women have accused the Cosmos host of sexual misconduct. In light of