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Trump Brags About Approval Rating Hours After Bush’s Funeral: ‘Working Hard, Thank You!’



The article has nothing to do with Bush’€™s funeral…and is constructed to be another propaganda other than ‘€œnews’€….that is why MSM is deemed FAKE NEWS


  • Should MSM allowed to pass propagnda instead of valid ‘€œnews’€?


Hours after hearing the heartfelt eulogies of family and friends about the integrity and compassion of George H.W. Bush, President Trump reminded the world that things looked good for him.

In a tweet of 10:32 p.m., short on words but large on font size, the president tweeted a graph on Wednesday noting that he had a 50% approval rating. The source, listed in a much smaller text in the photograph, was Rasmussen Reports, a polling station that often painted Trump’s friendly outlook and performance.

The problem? According to recent polls from several different locations conducted this month, the President’s approval rating is more likely to be somewhere between 39 and 43 percent.

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