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Pennsylvania Set To Give Away Free Naloxone


PA Giving Away Overdose Drug

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  • Pennsylvania is one of the states that’s been hit the hardest by the opioid crisis.  That’s why they’re giving away free doses of the overdose-stopping drug naloxone.
  • Next Thursday, the State Health Department will be giving away free doses to anyone who asks in about 80 different locations statewide, the largest such giveaway ever held.
  • Pennsylvania saw more than 5,300 overdose deaths in 2017, more than any other state.  


  • Does giving away naloxone help the opioid crisis, or does it just encourage even more drug use?
  •   What’s the best way to stop opioid abuse?


Naloxone will be supplied free of charge to any resident of Pennsylvania who wants it at almost 80 locations throughout the state next Thursday, according to a statement by the Wolf administration.

Naloxone is a drug that can reverse an opioid overdose by blocking the brain effects of opioids.

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