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Pelosi Won’t Budge On Border Wall Funding


Pelosi Won’t Budge

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  • Nancy Pelosi says House Democrats won’t budge on President Trump’s border wall, not even for a deal on DACA.
  • Pelosi, who is expected to take over as House Speaker next year, called Trump’s wall “immoral, ineffective, expensive” and promised that House Democrats wouldn’t approve funding for it.
  • House lawmakers are working frantically on a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown later this month.  
  • Trump is asking for $5 billion for border security and has hinted that a shutdown “could happen” if he doesn’t get it.


  • Are we headed for a shutdown?
  •   If so, will voters blame Democrats or Republicans?
  •   Do you think Trump’s wall will ever be built?


Nancy Pelosi called for a year-long resolution on funding for home security, rejecting a compromise on exchanging border-wall funding for a DACA solution. Pelosi, the House’s likely next speaker, called the construction of a border wall “immoral, ineffective, costly.”

WASHINGTON — Nancy Pelosi, who is set to become the next speaker of the House at the beginning of the new Congress in January, began negotiations that would include financing the long-awaited wall of President Donald Trump along the nearly 2,000-mile US-Mexico border.

Pelosi told reporters on Thursday that it was not on the table to pair wall funding with a permanent solution to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and that she would prefer Congress to pass a continuing resolution on home security before Christmas.

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