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Jason Chaffetz: Why Is Michael Cohen Prosecuted When Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder And Lois Lerner Were Not?



Noted by Jason Chaffetz, the new Democrat-run House and DOJ have conveniently remembered that they can prosecute liars’€”something they forget when Democrats are benefiting from witnesses who lied. Cohen is forced into a plea deal, while Hillary Clinton’s lies before about Benghazi received no notice from the FBI or DOJ; Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress, yet the House decided not to pursue charges’€”Chaffetz believes these are “double standards and unequal applications of the law.”


  • Are there unequal applications of the law that benefit Democrats?
  • Should Clinton have been charged after her testimony about Benghazi?


Michael Cohen seeks sluggishness in cooperation with Mueller

With a Republican president in place and soon to be a Democratic House, the Department of Justice (DOJ) conveniently recalled that they have the ability to prosecute people who lie to Congress. This was a power that they had inexplicably forgotten during the 10 years that Democrats benefited from lying witnesses.

There should certainly be consequences and accountability if you testify to Congress under oath and blatantly lie or violate the law. However, the DOJ appears to have different standards according to which the political fortunes of the party will be affected.

Michael Cohen, former attorney of Donald Trump, pleaded with the DOJ for lying to Congress. But what about all the other egregious cases of misconduct that interact with Congress?

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