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Illegal Immigrant Has Worked At Trump Golf Course For Years


Illegal Immigrant Working For Trump

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  • On Thursday, the New York Times published a profile on an illegal immigrant who has worked at Donald Trump’s Bedminster Golf Club since 2013.
  • Victorina Morales, a native of Guatemala, says she used fake immigration papers to get a job and says two of her supervisors were aware she was undocumented.
  • Morales, who works as a maid, described Trump as “demanding but kind” as an employer but says she’s “tired” of the President’s anti-immigrant rhetoric.  


  • How do you think Trump will react to this story?
  •   Will he look bad if he fires Morales for coming forward?
  •   Will he look bad if he doesn’t?


A woman who has worked as a maid in the New Jersey golf club of President Trump for years is an undocumented immigrant, The New York Times reported on Thursday.

The news outlet profiled Victorina Morales, who was reportedly illegally crossing the border in 1999 and hired at Trump’s Bedminster Golf Club in 2013, and told the news outlet that she used “phony” immigration papers to secure jobs.

The Times reported that during her time in Bedminster, Morales “made Trump’s bed, cleaned his toilet and stained his crystal golf trophies.”

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