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Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou Arrested In Canada



Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of Chinese tech company Huawei, has been arrested in Canada. Police and prosecutors have been banned from releasing info about the case, though the US Justice Department sought the arrest as part of an ongoing investigation, which means Wanzhou could be extradited. Her arrested could be tied to an investigation on whether Huawei violated US sanctions on Iran. Chinese officials have called for Meng’s release.


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E8950R MOSCOW, RUSSIA. OCTOBER 2, 2014. Wanzhou Meng, Executive Director of Huawei Technologies, attends the 6th VTB Capital Investment Forum “Russia Calling” at the Moscow World Trade Centre.

New York (CNN Business) The Chief Financial Officer of the Chinese tech giant Huawei was arrested in Canada.

According to the Canadian Justice Department spokesman Ian McLeod, Meng Wanzhou, also known as Sabrina Meng and Cathy Meng, was arrested in Vancouver on 1 December. In addition to her role as CFO, Meng serves as deputy chairman of the board of Huawei. She is the daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei.

Meng “is wanted by the United States for extradition, and a bail hearing was scheduled for Friday,” McLeod said in a statement first reported by The Globe and Mail.

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