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Fast Food Prices Are Set To Rise


Fast food prices are set to rise

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  • Soak up that dollar value menu as much as you can because fast food prices are set to rise.
  • According to numbers crunched by Datassential, a firm who analyzes restaurant menu trends, over the last four years, the median price of fast food burgers jumped 26 percent.
  • Much of the blame is put on fast casual places like Chipotle and Five Guys, who have gotten customers comfortable with paying more for take out.
  • Speaking to the TODAY show, global restaurant consultant Aaron Allen also points out that new taxes on supplies and an increase in minimum wage has added to the cost.


  • What do you do for cheap eats where you live?
  • How does the price compare to fast food?


Eating fast food may be cheaper than dining in a fantastic restaurant, but if you’re looking for a lot at a meal, you might want to think twice about going to the drive.

Lately, fast food chains have been cooking up plenty of discounted offers to attract budget-savvy consumers. In October, Burger King debuted its 10-piece chicken nugget deal for just a dollar and McDonald’s advertised $1 sandwiches — even Big Macs — for months. Even the beloved Chick-fil-A just handed out 200,000 free chicken sandwiches to people using its new delivery service.

However, many other menu items, usually those that are not advertised with flashy advertisements, become more costly.

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