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Doctors Urge Atlanta Residents To Take Anti-HIV Meds


Entire City Urged To Take Anti HIV Meds

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  • The growing number of HIV/AIDS cases in Atlanta has reached an all-time high.
  • The number of cases has been compared to that of some third world countries.
  • The situation has become so dire that some doctors are suggesting that residents of metro Atlanta take preventative measures including taking the Pre-exposure prophylaxis(PrEP) pill daily.
  • PrEP is generally prescribed to people who do not have HIV but who are at a high risk of contracting the disease.
  • The new cases are especially high in the African-American community.


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In the United States, there is an epidemic that has reached epic proportions and an ever-growing city in the South-East has reportedly become so bad that doctors urge its residents to take preventive medicine to prevent its wildfire spread.

Nevertheless, according to the CDC, the explosion of HIV cases among African-Americans in Atlanta has reached that of some third world countries.

“Downtown Atlanta is as bad as Zimbabwe or Harare or Durban,”

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