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You Might be Poisoning Your Dog


Don’t feed Fido until you read this

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  • The recall on dry dog food has been expanded. The FDA has added eight more brands to its list of potentially harmful foods, warning that more could be on the way.
  • All the pet foods on the recall list have been found to contain too much Vitamin D. While it’s essential to a dog’s health, excess levels can be toxic, leading to kidney failure and death. Symptoms of Vitamin D poisoning include vomiting, loss of appetite, excessive urination, increased drooling and weight loss.
  • So far, the list of recalled pet foods includes products made by Nutrisca, Natural Life, Sunshine Mills, ANF, Lidi (Orlando brand), Kroger and ELM.


  • When you buy a prepackaged product, do you assume the manufacturer has fully tested it for health and safety issues?
  • Have you ever eaten something that was later recalled?


Multiple brands of dry dog food are recalled after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said that they contain “toxic” levels of vitamin D that can be deadly for dogs.

The brands include Nutrisca, Natural Life, Sportsman’s Pride and Evolve, among others. Many of the brands in question have been manufactured by the same manufacturer. Various sizes and flavors – including chicken, lamb and rice – are recalled.

Additional recalls could be announced.

While vitamin D is “a key nutrient for dogs… very high amounts can cause serious health problems such as kidney failure or death,” the FDA said in a statement. Reminders were issued after pet owners contacted the food and drug agency with reports of vitamin D toxicity in their dogs after they had eaten food from one of these brands.

“FDA scientists have evaluated samples of some of these products and the results of state and private laboratory tests show that the food contained about 70 times the intended amount of vitamin D,” the FDA added.

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