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Saudi Lobbyists Paid For 500-Night Stay At Trump D.C. Hotel


Trump Hotel Scandal

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  • The Washington Post is reporting that Saudi-backed lobbyists rented a whole bunch of rooms at a Washington D.C. hotel owned by President Trump shortly after his election.
  • According to the report, the lobbyists paid for about 500 nights’ worth of rooms over about three months after Trump’s election in 2016, spending about $270,000.
  • Some of those rooms were used by groups of military veterans who were brought to D.C. to lobby against a law allowing victims of the 9/11 attacks to sue foreign governements, which could potentially include Saudi Arabia.
  • The news comes as Maryland and D.C. authorities are bringing a lawsuit accusing Trump of illegally profiting off his D.C. hotel, which they say violates the U.S. Constitution.


  • How far do you think this hotel lawsuit will go?
  •   Should this be a bigger concern for Trump than the Russia investigation?


Lobbyists representing the Saudi government reserved blocks of rooms at President Trump’s D.C. hotel within one month of Trump’s 2016 election—paying an estimated 500 nights at the luxury hotel in just three months, according to the Washington Post’s travel organizers and documents.

At the time, these lobbyists reserved large numbers of hotel rooms in the D.C. area as part of an unorthodox campaign offering US military veterans a free trip to Washington — then sent them to Capitol Hill to lobby against a law opposed by the Saudis, according to veterans and organizers.

At first, Saudi lobbyists raised veterans in Northern Virginia. Then, in December 2016, they moved most of their business to the Trump International Hotel in downtown Washington. All in all, the lobbyists spent more than $270,000 to house six groups of veterans visiting the Trump hotel, which Trump still owns.

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Saudi-funded lobbyist paid for 500 rooms at Trump’s hotel after 2016 election


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