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Read What This Homeless Man Did When He Found $17,000


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  • From time to time, we come across a story that restores our faith in total strangers. This story can do that for some today.
  • A homeless man is being hailed after doing something that many people may not have done. Kevin Booth found a bag with $17,000 sitting outside of a food bank in Sumner, Washington. Instead of taking off with the money, he brought it inside when the food bank opened.
  • After an exhaustive search, nobody claimed the money and authorities couldn’t find any reports of money stolen or missing. So the money went to the food bank.
  • Booth was given a citizen’s citation for his honesty. They also gave the man gift cards so that he could afford to eat. He wouldn’t accept living accommodations as he lives in a tent in the woods.


  • What is the most honest thing you have ever done when it came to finding something that didn’t belong to you?


SUMNER, Wash. — In Sumner, a homeless man is praised for turning in thousands of dollars. He found a bag full of money outside the Sumner Food Bank. He didn’t keep it – he actually handed it over to the staff there.

“What do we do with it? It was like a hot potato,” said Anita Miller, Sumner Food Bank director.

What would you do if you found a $17,000 cash bag right at your front door? Sumner Food Bank staff say that Kevin Booth happened. They say that Booth is homeless and has been coming to the food bank for the past five years.

“He leaned over, picked it up, looked in, and knew it was money. He was waiting for our person to come in at 7:30 a.m. He was waiting for her, gave it to her, and said, ‘Someone left this for you,'” said Miller.

The volunteer staff at the Sumner Food Bank called the police. The police held the money for 90 days and since nobody claimed it, the food bank was allowed to keep it. Miller says that the money will be used to expand the building so that the homeless and needy families can receive more services.

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