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George W. Bush, Choking Back Tears, Lauds His Father As ‘the Best Father A Son Or Daughter Could Have’



Former president George W. Bush praised his father’s sense of humor and commitment to public service during his eulogy Wednesday. Bush choked back tears as he called George HW Bush “the best father a son and daughter could ever have.” Even as W took his politics in a more conservative direction than his father’s, the two continued to express love for each other. W also praised his father’s impressive array of friends, which included opponent Bill Clinton.


  • George H.W. Bush taught the world “that public service is noble and necessary.”


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WASHINGTON ‘€” From son to father, from president to president, George W. Bush choked tears back on Wednesday to eulogize George H.W. Bush as “the best son and daughter ever could have.”

While praising his political career and hailing him as a great president, the younger Bush also focused on the sense of humor of the elderly, his commitment to public service and his extraordinary energy through 94 years.

“He was born with only two settings ‘€” full throttle, then sleep,” said the 41st president.

Saying “the idea is to die young as late as possible,” Bush celebrated a life that ranged from flying combat missions in World War II at the age of twenty to racing his Fidelity speedboat in his eighties and making a parachute jump to mark his ninety years.

Joking about the “speed golf” game of George H.W. Bush, his son theorized that “he played fast to move on to the next event ‘€” to enjoy the rest of the day, to increase his enormous energy, to live at all.”

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