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George H.W. Bush’s Service Dog ‘Sully’ Isn’t A Democrat Or Republican



Michael Levin feels a Slate opinion piece went too far when the author targeted Sully, George HW’s service dog. “If you’€™ve ever owned a dog, you know the bond between this animal and we humans is very real,” Levin wrote. The Slate piece claimed there was no significance to Sully’s sorrow’€”the lab laying in front of Bush’s casket. Sully was a loyal companion that opened doors, fetched small items and comforted Bush after the death of his wife. Animals absolutely understand loss, Levin wrote.


  • Was it right to make a target out of a sweet, devoted dog?
  • Do you believe Sully understood the loss of his owner?


ADA beneficiaries pay respect to Bush 41 Service Dog Sully

People from all over the world recall President George H.W. Bush’s many achievements and outstanding qualities with words of praise ‘€” but one of the most beautiful and moving tributes was a wordless expression of love from his serving dog, Sully.

Dogs are not called for nothing “man’s best friend.” If you ever owned a dog, you know that the bond between this animal and we humans is very real. We mourn our dogs when they die. And yes, after sharing our homes and our lives, they mourn when we die.

Slate staff writer Ruth Graham acknowledges this.

Sully, a 2-year-old golden Labrador, was brought to Capitol Rotunda on Tuesday, where President Bush’s body was in state to honor the 41st President. Sully wore and American flag vest with his name on it.

On Sunday, Bush spokesman Jim McGrath took a picture of Sully lying in front of the former president’s casket in Texas under the heading “Complete Mission.” The picture was viral because it suggested a strong link between animals and their people.

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