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China Breaks Its Silence On 90-Day U.S. Tariff Truce



…..and this is due to a TRADE IMBALANCE created by past politicals that gave our economy away to the higgest bidder, which in this case ‘€œchina’€


  • Did media failed to educate the masses on what is going on with our tradewar?


President Xi Jinping of China, President Trump of the United States and members of their delegations at a working dinner following Saturday’s G20 summit in Buenos Aires.

BEIJING ‘€” After days of vague Chinese statements and a barrage of comments from President Trump and other government officials, China is beginning to flesh out details of a weekend tariff truce with the US.

China’s Commerce Ministry in a statement Wednesday acknowledged for the first time that Beijing on Saturday agreed to a 90-day cease-fire to allow negotiations to take place. The statement, attributed to an unnamed spokesman, said that the negotiations have a “clear timeline and road map” and that China aims to quickly implement “an agreed upon consensus.”

This week, key government agencies and the Chinese Supreme Court also announced harsh punishments for intellectual property infringements’€”a prominent complaint by the Trump administration.

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