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‘You Are Not Safe’: Protesters Sieged Fox News Host Tucker Carlson’s Washington Home In The Middle Of The Night


Protestors gathered around the DC home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson Wed. night chanting threats like ‘€œWe know where you sleep at night’€ and ‘€œYou are not safe.’€ Carlson was not home at the time but his wife was and reportedly locked herself in the pantry and called police. A group calling themselves ‘€œSmash Racism, DC’€ posted a video of their protest outside Carlson’€™s house. The group was the same that claimed responsibility for shouting Ted Cruz out of a DC-area restaurant in Sept.


  • Should any protestors that stepped onto the property be arrested?
  • Who gets blamed more for bad actors?
  • Was Twitter right to have banned Smash Racism DC’€™s account?


  • Protesters thronged Tucker Carlson’s Washington, DC, family home on Wednesday night chanting insults and threats while demanding he move from the city.
  • In two videos shared on social media, the group chanted “We know where you sleep at night” and said “You are not safe.”
  • The Fox News “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host told the network that he was at work at the time but that his wife and four kids were home.
  • One video was posted by Smash Racism DC, a group known for chasing Sen. Ted Cruz out of a Washington restaurant over his support of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

On Wednesday night, a group of demonstrators besieged the home of the Fox News host Tucker Carlson and his family, ringing his doorbell and singing threatening messages.

A YouTube video of the event that originated on the now suspended Smash Racism DC Twitter page is poorly illuminated, but a leading protestor calls Carlson a racist and a fascist before he breaks into threatening songs.

“We’re going to fight, Tucker Carlson, we know where you sleep in the night,” chanted the group.

Here’s the video, widely quoted by the US news outlets:

The group appears to be threatening Carlson’s family in a separate video posted by Daily Caller reporter Benny Johnson on Twitter, telling the host of Fox News that it is “not safe.”

Read More: https://www.businessinsider.com/fox-news-tucker-carlson-washington-dc-home-hit-by-protestors-anti-racist-2018-11


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