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Fake Sam Brownback Feed On Twitter Stirs Up Kansans Post-election


A bogus social media account, now suspended by Twitter, claimed to be former Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and made a post accusing Kansans of electing “Godless liberal extremists.” Sam Brownback currently works at the US State Department where he is an ambassador of religious freedom. A spokesperson said the @GovSamBrownback account was not associated with Ambassador Brownback.


  • Have you ever been fooled by a fake Twitter account masked as someone famous?
  • Should profile pics of public figures be banned from accounts that aren’€™t theirs?


A false social media account was supposed to be the work of former Gov. Sam Brownback stirred Thursday when hundreds of people denounced a post that accused Kansans of electing “godless liberal extremists.”

The U.S. State Department, where Brownback works as a religious freedom ambassador, has labeled the Twitter as a fraud.

“This account is not owned, operated or supervised by Ambassador Brownback,” said Aaron Bruce, Brownback spokesman. “It’s an impersonation account, not an authentic account.”

Twitter subsequently suspended the fake account.

Read More: https://www.cjonline.com/news/20181108/fake-sam-brownback-feed-on-twitter-stirs-up-kansans-post-election


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