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Gregg Jarrett: Trump Did The Right Thing By Telling Jeff Sessions


Gregg Jarrett argues Sessions did more to damage the presidency and the nation than any public official in modern history. Examples of Sessions’€™ “ineffectiveness and incompetence” include: ignoring pleas to open an investigation into Clinton’s emails and paying for Russian information, not taking action against bias at the FBI, wrongfully recusing himself from the Russian investigation, and others. “Without Sessions’ deceit, it is unlikely that a special counsel would have been appointed.”


  • Was Sessions ineffective and incompetent?
  • ‘€œPresident Trump should be commended for taking action to right the ship.’€
  • Was the appointment of Special Counsel Mueller illegitimate?


Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigns

Attorney General Jeff Sessions – who at long last turned in his resignation Wednesday after it was justifiably requested by President Trump – did more damage to the Trump presidency and to the nation than any public official in modern history. He clearly deserved to be fired long ago.

As I wrote in a column last month calling for his firing, Sessions was the personification of misfeasance or nonfeasance. His actions, or lack thereof, were born of incompetence. He rarely exhibited the kind of leadership skills that are demanded of the nation’s leading law enforcement official.

More often than not, Sessions was missing in action. As President Trump quite accurately remarked in a recent interview, “I don’t have an attorney general.” This is the reason Sessions was finally, if belatedly, shown the door. America and the president of the United States both deserve to have a functioning Justice Department and a competent attorney general.

There are many well-documented examples of Sessions’ ineffectiveness and incompetence.

The now-former attorney general ignored pleas from members of Congress to reopen the Hillary Clinton email investigation, including the former secretary of state’s destruction of documents under congressional subpoena.

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