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Gab Censored: Did The Free Market Fail Free Speech?


In this video, Lauren Chen asks if the free market failed free speech in the case of social network Gab. Gab was frequented by the Synagogue shooter, was banned from app stores and refused by hosting services. She believes platforms are tolerant of and hypocritical about anti-white and anti-conservative hate speech. While private companies do not have to follow the first amendment, it a moral imperative. The government should regulate them like they regulate any consumer-facing company.


  • Are mainstream social networks tolerant of anti-white speech?
  • Should the government regulate social networks to protect against bias?
  • Are both conservatives and liberals calling for regulation in different ways?


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Gab, the Twitter alternative, has been censored. Pulled from its servers and refused service by other tech companies, Andrew Torba insists Gab will prevail. This episode looks at the challenges Big Tech (Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook) is posing to free speech, and whether market controls may be necessary.

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Read More: https://youtu.be/bAQvbfTRnd4


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