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Apple Blackballs Wildly Popular Crypto Podcast ‘Off The Chain’ Without Warning


Apple abruptly removed popular crypto podcast ‘€˜Off the Chain’€™ from its podcast store. ‘€œWe had no warning. We don’€™t know why’€, host Anthony Pompliano said. The podcast was censored after episode ‘€˜The Ultimate Bitcoin Argument’€™ aired on Oct 31. By Nov 2, Apple removed the podcast. On the episode bitcoin maximalist Murad Mahmudov discussed why fiat currencies are doomed to fail, and why financial institutions should embrace bitcoin. The removal spread widespread censorship concerns among fans.


  • Is Apple censoring Off the Chain because it promotes bitcoin?


anthony pompliano morgan creek crypto podcast off the chain

Apple abruptly removed the popular crypto podcast “Off the Chain” from its podcast store. The show is hosted by Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, the founder and managing partner of investment firm Morgan Creek Digital Assets. The sudden move has triggered widespread censorship concerns among fans.

Pompliano tweeted on Nov. 5 that Apple mysteriously took down the podcast without explanation shortly after it rocketed to No. 4 in the investing category on the US iTunes Store.

The podcast had also been distributed on Google, Spotify, Libsyn, and other platforms.

Last week we released a podcast discussing the ultimate argument for Bitcoin.

It exploded & ranked #4 in US investing category before mysteriously being taken down by @Apple.

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