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Machine Breakdowns, Long Lines Mar Vote On Election Day


Voters across the country faced hours-long lines, malfunctioning voter equipment, and polling places that closed on Tues. Georgia election officials conceded lines were very long but blamed it on a long ballot and an ongoing lawsuit. Polling places in Texas, Georgia, and Arizona were kept open after hours, in some cases by court order. In New York, reports of broken ballot scanners surfaced at several polling places. There were no initial signs of hacking or interference by foreign entities.


  • Do long lines for voting disproportionally affect urban areas?
  • Does our voting process and equipment need to be updated?
  • Should there be a voting holiday?


ATLANTA (AP) — Problem signs that arose during weeks of early voting carried into Election Day as some voters across the country faced hours-long lines, malfunctioning voting equipment and unexpectedly closed polling places.

Some of the biggest backups were in Georgia , where the governor’s race was among the nation’s most-watched midterm contests and was generating heavy turnout.

One voter in Gwinnett County, Ontaria Woods, waited more than three hours and said she saw about two dozen people who had come to vote leave because of the lines.

“We’ve been trying to tell them to wait, but people have children,” Woods said. “People are getting hungry. People are tired.”

The good-government group Common Cause said high turnout combined with too few voting machines, ballots and workers was causing delays.

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