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Mainstream? Gwyneth Paltrow Promotes Bitcoin Investing Guide On Twitter


Gwyneth Paltrow became the latest celebrity to promote cryptocurrency, at least indirectly. She tweeted a Q&A with the operator of crypto exchange-wallet hybrid Abra on her lifestyle site Goop. The Q&A and ‘€œBasics of Bitcoin’€ piece is the first mention of bitcoin on Goop. As more people become interested in the crypto market, the need for basic explanations to different groups will only grow. Paltrow and Goop seem to be doing their part in spreading that information.


  • Is increasing celebrity interest a sign that cryptocurrencies are going mainstream?


Gwyneth Paltrow bitcoin

Celebrities and cryptocurrency have a long and complex history together. Seemingly everyone from boxers to rappers has publicly supported or even endorsed various types of cryptos, from ICOs to bitcoin proper. DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather have even been sued over their alleged misrepresentations regarding an ICO they promoted called Centra Tech whose operators were later charged with fraud.

Gwyneth Paltrow became the latest celebrity to promote cryptocurrency today, at least indirectly, tweeting out a Q&A with an exchange operator named Bill Barhydt from her site called Goop. Paltrow has been running Goop for around ten years, and in more recent times it has transitioned from a lifestyle newsletter into a “lifestyle brand.” Her contributions appear to be active, and the platform has grown up while she has been in the prime of her acting career, playing leading roles in movies like the “Iron Man” franchise.

Barhydt operates Abra, an exchange-wallet hybrid that is mobile-focused and allows the user to buy more than 25 different cryptos – all the major ones and some tokens like OmiseGo.

Great piece with @billbarhydt on @goop today https://t.co/cBoeHJ9ts7

— Gwyneth Paltrow (@GwynethPaltrow) November 5, 2018

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