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Opinion | Trump Must Be Held Accountable For His Troops-to-the-border Stunt


Over 100 democrats signed a letter to Defense Sec. Mattis demanding a briefing and an explanation of the current strategy of sending thousands of troops to the US border to meet a caravan of a few thousand made up of mostly families. Greg Sargent says this letter shows how a Democratic-run house will put more congressional scrutiny on the president when he makes decisions without any due diligence such as declaring a national emergency over Twitter without going through proper legal protocols.


  • Should there be more Congressional oversight over large military deployments?
  • Is the deployment of troops to the southern border an overreach of executive power?
  • If Democrats win the House, will they bog down the executive branch with oversight?


If President Trump goes through with his plan to send thousands of troops to the border, a move that appears solely designed to hype the Central American migrants into a national emergency and boost GOP chances in the election, the decision will merit serious congressional scrutiny.

And if Democrats take back the House, that’s exactly what it’s going to get.

In an interview with me, Rep. Adam Smith of Washington state, the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee, confirmed that a Democratic House will hold hearings on the decision in order to compel the administration to justify and explain it.

“We would ask the Pentagon to come in and explain to us in an open public hearing what they’re doing and why,” Smith, who would take over as committee chair if Democrats won the majority, told me. “I don’t think we should let the president get away with this type of policy with no justification and no explanation for it.”

More than 100 House Democrats have signed a new letter to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis demanding a briefing and an explanation of the rationale for the current strategy. The letter, which was sent my way, says:

Read More: https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/plum-line/wp/2018/11/01/trump-must-be-held-accountable-for-his-troops-to-the-border-stunt/?utm_term=.1d65b00df156


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