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Uber Tests Rewarding Top Drivers With College Degrees, Gas Discounts


Uber launched a driver loyalty program that gives perks to high rated drivers. With Uber Pro, high ranking will receive an up to 6% pay boost and get tuition coverage at Arizona State University’€™s online platform, which can be passed onto a family member. Drivers with the highest ranking will also receive priority at airports, and Uber is offer up to 5% cash back on gas if they use an Uber Visa Debit Card. ‘€œThis is a way for us to recognize the commitment and quality service from drivers.’€


  • Will Uber Pro convince drivers to stick with the ride hailing company?
  • Is this rewards program enough to silence criticism on how Uber treats its workers?


Washington, DC (CNN)Uber, long criticized for its handling of drivers, is taking a serious step toward boosting their incentives.

On Thursday, the company announced Uber Pro, a driver loyalty program that offers perks ranging from extra pay and free online education to dent repair and gas discounts.

The program may help retain drivers, who often quit within a few months, research shows. Uber’s drivers are independent contractors so they do not receive benefits such as health care or tuition reimbursement.

Starting Thursday in seven cities and all of New Jersey, drivers will earn points for the rides they give to qualify for four tiers of status. They’ll also need a 4.85 rating and a cancellation rate of less than 4% to achieve either partner, gold, platinum or diamond status. The more rides a driver gives, the higher they rank.

Drivers in the top two tiers will receive a 3% or 6% pay boost depending on if they have platinum or diamond status. They’ll also get tuition coverage at Arizona State University’s online program. Tuition coverage can be passed onto a family member, too. Students will have to pay for their own materials, such as books and a computer.

Read More: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/11/01/tech/uber-driver-rewards/index.html


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