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Phish Celebrate Halloween With Special Set As Fake Scandinavian Band


The venerable jam band Phish performed as a fake Swedish 80’s progressive rock band for Halloween complete with a fake album, fake reviews, and fake artist page on AllMusic. The fake band Kasvot Växt, performing off of their fake 1981 album i rokk, even had fake radio playlists and fake interviews. Phish was not just in costume, they actually performed an original album in 80’s-style prog rock.


  • Have any musicians besides David Bowie managed to pull off an alter ego?
  • Did Phish start the modern festival culture?
  • Are you pro or anti-Phish?


performed the second set of their Halloween show in Las Vegas as a Scandinavian prog rock outfit called, Kasvot Växt. The group performed their sole album, í rokk, and when translated together Kasvot Växt and í rokk means “Faceplant into rock.”

For more than a decade, Phish have typically used their Halloween shows as an opportunity to cover other artists’ albums in their entirety (the tradition began in 1994 with a full rendition of the Beatles’ “White Album”). But on Wednesday, the band pulled off an elaborate new trick that included not just the “cover set,” but an artist page on All Music and an album review on WFMU.

Per JamBase, fans entering the show were handed a fake Playbill (re-named “Phishbill”), which included an in-depth essay on Kasvot Växt, complete with laudatory quotes from the members of Phish (the program also included a fake ad of Trey Anastasio shilling for SoulCycle). “Every time the Halloween discussion comes up, we talk about Kasvot Växt,” Anastasio says in the program. “We honestly were worried we wouldn’t have the chops to pull it off or to do justice to the sound, but when it comes down to it, we just couldn’t resist any longer.”

For the actual Kasvot Växt set, JamBase said Phish delivered “an ambitious suite of original Phish music played in the style of an Eighties prog-rock band” that “still had elements of the Vermont-birthed quartet’s distinctive sound.”

Read More: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/phish-halloween-show-fake-scandinavian-band-kasvot-vaxt-750678/


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