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‘Nelson Has No Path’: Democrats Admit Scott Beats Florida Icon

"It's done. But it was done before today. This was a total Hail Mary," said a top Democrat involved in Sen. Bill Nelson's campaign.
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Palm Beach County’s voting machines overheat and force recount of more than 170,000 votes

Palm Beach County's decade-old ballot-counting machines overheated and malfunctioned, forcing the county to recount about 175,000 early votes, said Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher Tuesday
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Trump Seeks End Of Florida Recount; Democrats Win Arizona Senate Seat

U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday urged Florida election officials to end a ...
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Cal Thomas: What’s The Matter With Florida?

With lawyers descending on the state in what looks to some like a replay of the 2000 "hanging chad" presidential election, an automatic recount has
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Opinion | Stacey Abrams, Brian Kemp And Neo-Jim Crow In Georgia

I saw the election through the eyes of black people who had to deal with Jim Crow, who remembered the euphoria of Barack Obama's wins
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Facebook, Twitter Whack Away At Midterm Misinformation On Election Day

As voters headed to the polls on Election Day, social media companies scoured their platforms for any content that would deter them.