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Facebook Investor Targets Social Network In Upcoming Book ‘Zucked’

Facebook investor Roger McNamee calls Facebook bad for society and believes its "flaws outweigh its considerable benefits" in "Zucked."
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Mark Zuckerberg’s Tone-Deaf Declaration Of Victory In 2018 Should Make Everybody Worry About What’s Going To Happen With Facebook Next Year

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg isn't about to let a year like this one get him down.
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Facebook Investors Sound Off About Zuckerberg After Stock Plunges 40 Percent In Four Months

Facebook shareholders have increased their calls for CEO Mark Zuckerberg to relinquish his position as chairman of the board. The stock has plunged almost 40
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Internal Documents Facebook Has Fought To Keep Private Obtained By UK Parliament

The British Parliament has obtained a set of internal Facebook documents the social media giant has fought for months to stop from being made public,
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Heads Ought To Roll At Facebook Over The Soros Smear – Starting With Zuck’s

Facebook played into a longstanding anti-Semitic trope to try to discredit critics, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg declined to repudiate it.
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Facebook’s Weapon Amid Chaos And Controversy: Misdirection

The New York Times' bombshell report into the past three years at Facebook paint a grotesque picture of the company's attempts to navigate a string
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Mark Zuckerberg Turns Down UK Parliament Request To Answer Questions About Fake News, Privacy

Facebook initially declined the request by U.K. and Canadian lawmakers, but now officials from Argentina, Australia and Ireland are joining the call.