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Wisconsin, Michigan GOP State Lawmakers Look To Limit Powers Of New Democratic Governors

In Michigan and Wisconsin, Republican lawmakers want to move power to the legislatures after gubernatorial defeats
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Democrats Smash Watergate Record For House Popular Vote In Midterms

Nationally, Democrats have 53.1 percent of all votes counted while Republicans took 45.2 percent.
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The Midterm Elections Have Made History With These Notable Firsts

The midterm elections ushered in America's first-ever openly gay governor, as well as the country's first Native American congresswomen and first Muslim congresswomen.
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Sorry, Pundits, But You Have No Clue What Will Happen On Tuesday

Electorates mutate every two years. In a volatile environment where Trump has saturated every inch of our cultural fabric with politics, who the hell knows
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Pollak: Obama Is Partly Why Republicans Have A Fighting Chance On Tuesday

Republicans still have a chance to win. And that is because Obama refused to govern as the unifying leader he promised to be.

Black Voters Will Save America With The #WalkAwayCampaign And BLEXIT

Black people are discovering that theyre conservatives..11/01/2018 19:29:39PM EST.