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Heads Ought To Roll At Facebook Over The Soros Smear – Starting With Zuck’s

Facebook played into a longstanding anti-Semitic trope to try to discredit critics, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg declined to repudiate it.
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20% Of The British Population See Bitcoin As An Inevitability

YouGov is a global data and research firm which serves industries, governments, and people in various ways, primarily by aggregating data and giving it to
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How The Crypto Crash Could Be Good For Crypto

The crypto price crash may be good for the market, economist Tyler Cowen said, referring to the dotcom bubble burst. '€œInternet stocks plunged in the
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Strong Demand: Crypto Hedge Funds Are Still Raising $100 Million+

Cryptocurrency market lost 75% of its valuation. Yet, crypto hedge funds are raising hundreds of millions of dollars from accredited investors.
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Only 19% Chance Bitcoin Price Breaches $10,000 By Q2 2019

A drop in the bitcoin price's daily moves has lowered the options market's expectations of reclaiming a five-figure valuation anytime soon.
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The GOP’s Closing Argument For The Midterm Elections Is White Supremacy

The GOP is appealing to its base of angry white voters with anti-immigrant, anti-Black and anti-Muslim rhetoric. In other words, white supremacy.

Trump’s Caravan Hysteria Led to This

Adam Serwer ties the rhetoric surrounding the migrant caravan to the synagogue shooting. He gives examples of the shooter blaming Jews for the caravan of