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Canadian Intelligence Agents Listened To Khashoggi Tapes, Trudeau Says

Trudeau is the first Western leader to confirm that his country's intelligence services have heard the recordings of what happened to Jamal Khashoggi.
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Democrats Should Aim High

Democrats have the House of Representatives, while Republicans still hold the presidency and have deepened their control over the Senate. Obamacare was a compromise -
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Mark Zuckerberg Turns Down UK Parliament Request To Answer Questions About Fake News, Privacy

Facebook initially declined the request by U.K. and Canadian lawmakers, but now officials from Argentina, Australia and Ireland are joining the call.
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A Moderate Republican Plan To Fix American Healthcare: ‘Medicare For All’?

What if "Medicare for All" ends up being a politically moderate way to bring more market competition to the U.S. healthcare system?

Can Trump End Birthright Citizenship With An Executive Order?

On Monday, President Trump announced to Axios on HBO that he would pursue an executive order to outlaw birthright citizenship just before the election. "It